Thursday, September 17, 2009


I think we're going to jump on board with the great stART projects going on over at A Mommy's Adventures and we did our first reading + art project today... I've been wanting to incorporate some of these into our days... so we finally did it. And our first topic is... rainbows!

First we got out our leftover playdough from open ended art (note: homemade playdough - when wrapped in saran wrap to store - gets sticky after a few days)
I gave both boys a picture I drew quickly of a rainbow and asked them what color dough they'd need to make their own. As they called out the colors, they got a small piece of it... Then they went to work and I played two rainbow songs I found on this site for them - the rainbow song says there are 7 colors in the rainbow and included indigo (umm, ok?) ...we went with it, but our rainbows only have 6 colors...

Monkey did really well - he usually insists that i roll out snakes for him in playdough, but he was totally concentrating and made his own...

He ended up with this - a pretty good rainbow if i do say so myself...

Jumps, on the other hand, was overjoyed to go to town with rainbow colors... he lined his balls up...

And then proceeded to smoosh them all together and laugh as his rainbow went from colorful to a purpley-gray...

And then we used crayons to draw a rainbow...

We decided not to stop there... why not run to the library for some rainbow books? Usually I order books and they have them waiting at the desk so this was their first introduction to looking up a book on the computer and then finding it on the shelves. Monkey just wanted to draw on the lil slips of paper and Jumps ran off to play.... totally unimpressed!

Our book finds:
Duckie's Rainbow by Frances Barrow

A very cute, very quick read that opens at the end to show a rainbow!! Duckie's rainbow also included indigo... so apparently i've been misinforned of my rainbow colors for years!

The Deep Blue Sea by Bruce and Audrey Wood

This is a fun book in a repetitive way - we LOVED it (this is the deep blue sea, this is the red rock on the deep blue sea, etc. etc. ... it wasn't about rainbows per se - it was more about colors, but the last page DID have a rainbow on it, so I'm counting it!


  1. What a great stART project. I can't wait to check both books out at the library. I love the play dough rainbows too. It looks like they both had a lot of fun! Thanks for joining us!

  2. We like Duckie's rainbow too!

    I love his rainbow, and it looks like they had a blast too:-)!

  3. What a great idea, using playdough! It looks like everyone had fun. Great Job!

  4. what fun! Welcome to bloggy world!! If you ever have ?'s/ comments/ concerns, let me know! I'm far from an expert, but I have learned a few things during the last few months!

    Your kiddos are adorable, your ideas are awesome--it's so hard right now w/ your hands full of little ones--but it seems like you're really handling it all with grace!


  5. This is a great idea to make a rainbow by first making the right colors. My native language is Russian, and we have 7 colors in a rainbow too. I am still confused as to why American rainbows have only 6 :)