Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bean mosaic, take 2

Well, I decided to give the old mosaic thing another go... Knowing my boys and how they roll, I sacrificed one of the many cardboard boxes in the garage as our base for this project. And, to make things even more interesting, the boys and I decided we'd mosaic houses (monkey's suggestion) and trees (jumps' idea). I drew them on in black marker, handed each child a cardboard base, a glue bottle, and some beans... and then hoped I'd have a kitchen left when they were done.. :)

They were both VERY industrious and serious about it... yes, glue puddles abounded, but nothing terrible happened. Its about to go downhill for Jumps though - he has about 3 more beans to put in place before destruction wins out over creation...

And these are the finished products. Note how few beans remain on Jumps... Monkey actually "got it" ...i was impressed!

The glare on Jumps' finished board is because it became a sticky sensory experience for him.

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