Tuesday, September 22, 2009

christmas presents... boy style - step 1

Every year the boys make their own presents for everyone in the family - and its always some variation of an ornament for the tree. For Monkey's second Christmas, I bought clear glass balls and added paint to the inside for him to shake... for Monkey's third christmas both boys made salt dough ornaments of their handprints... and we've already started work on this years ornament. Inspired by all of the mosaics going round the blogosphere (growing and learning by leaps and bounds fault) and a family fun project, we are going to make mosaic handprint ornaments. They will probably be a little heavy, but I'm very excited about them.

First we collected a bunch of small rocks from the landscaping out back... and we colored them in the colors that everyone decorates in (blue/silver for gram c, burgundy/gold for aunt gi, burgundy/pink/silver for me and red/green for everyone else). Throw rocks in ziploc bag, add a small amount of craft paint and rub/shake. Once color is all over - sprinkle on some glitter and shake some more. I sprinkled a lil extra on once they were on the plates only because some of the glitter got colored by the paint and was hard to see...

Empty onto plastic plates and let dry. We'll use these in our handprint ornaments later, but for now they are adorning my dining room table... hmmm, the colors just don't come out as well in the photos as they do in person. They're actually quite true to color and very sparkly - we just used craft paint for these (from left to right: silver with silver glitter, pink with white glitter, green with green glitter, burgundy with gold glitter, gold with gold glitter, blue with blue and silver glitter, and red with white glitter)

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