Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cornstarch and water fun...

What do you do on days when Mom just has no idea, no patience and needs some time to straighten out the house that the hurricane (and by hurricane I mean two very high energy boys) has just come through?

Why... cornstarch and water to the rescue. The liquid? solid? whatever will keep boys intrigued and engaged for quite some time... and that kitchen? Well, it was a wreck to start with anyway... add some colors to mix and voila! Entertainment of the icky sticky variety...

It all started out so well... both boys got bowls full of cornstarch and water to mix together themselves. Then they got to choose a color to add to the water... Monkey chose blue

and Jumps chose purple. Jumps got to mix red and blue together again - I swear that's his favorite activity these days.

Color was all mixed in - time to have some ooey gooey fun, keeping in mind that mom said the goo has to STAY IN THE BOWL!

And then, I turned my back to open the dishwasher.

Turns out, the house was not nearly as much of a wreck as I thought. Bath time with the boys was next on the agenda... one of these days, I'll live in a clean house. Of course, it will be quite a bit lonelier without my mess makers around!

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