Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Christmas wreath...

I am loving my new tradition of having the boys make a wreath for the door for the different seasons.  We retired our fall wreath, and have made a Christmas one.  I let the boys pick out some decorations at the craft store, and while I was worried about what the finished product would be - I really shouldn't have.  They picked out two huge pointsetta flowers (which they later wouldn't use when I told them I'd cut the stems off), some sparkly stuff, some christmas balls, and a glittery plauque I bought for the occasion.

I helped them cut up the sparkly stuff and then they got busy with their glue guns... to create this:

Yes, they often do crafts while still in their pj's.  Regular clothes are a battle I rarely fight unless we're going out.  And, the boys were so proud of their creation and so enthusiastic in their posing that Vin (who was making sure that nothing fun fell on the floor while they were working) just had to jump into the picture as well!

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