Wednesday, October 21, 2009

animal charades

We tried a new game from the book Math Play today and it went over really well with the boys. It's called Number Charades. I printed the numbers 1 through 10 on index cards and put them in one bag. Then, I printed about 20 different cards with different actions. Things like: pat your head, touch your toes, jump like a frog, hiss like a snake, walk backwards, etc. It's a great way to get some of that energy out, even if you can't go outside to play.

The boys LOVED it, although they didnt quite get the concept of only doing the action the number of times that the card said. And, once the "run in a circle" card was pulled the game morphed into do the action requested WHILE running in a circle...until the "join hands and circle around" card was pulled. Then, it became a game of crack the whip...

I think this may become a favorite of ours for some laughter laced fun! ;)

(ps - jury is still out on the rest of the book...the first few activities i thumbed through were not ones we'll ever use...)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

lazy days and wagon rides

My boys are whirlwinds, but sometimes they need some downtime and just want to hang out for a ride. Especially if that ride happens to be in their red wagon. It doesn't matter where they go - they can go in the same circles twenty times in a row and thats fine with them.

However, their daddy gets bored with the endless circles around the cul de sac. He thought he could do better than that... and he did...

Only problem is that little remote control car only had enough power to pull one boy around at a time. Guess who's looking to (insert best Tim the Tool Man Taylor impression here) add more power to the lil car? Ahuh. Apparently, he won't rest until its capable of pulling both boys around at the same time.