Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our weekly rhythms...

There are a bunch of things that will be the same every week. I'll need to run errands and grocery shop. We'll have our weekly school co-op come September. I want to have a weekly park/nature day. I'll need at least one day to bake (Peanut is gluten free which means that we need to make most things from scratch -- especially now that he is eating more). So... I'm thinking that the week will be organized like this:

grocery/errand day

free day for all day field trips (childrens museum, aquarium, etc.)

baking day

school co-op

library day/nature field trip/ park day

free day/family day

church and sunday dinner at my parents house

It's a whole new start...

Way back when, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog that I could one day publish as a "remember when" type book for the kids - a kind of reminder on how we spent their days when they were little. Something that would be a special keepsake for them. I read a few of my past posts, and noticed that I'm trying to find a voice that sounds real.. a voice that both speaks to them and about them... and then, Peanut started having issues (he's fine -- we just needed to figure out that he has a gluten and dairy allergy) and this blog went by the wayside. It's time to dust it off and try again... and I'm not "ready", but if I wait until I am... I'll lose another year.

Monkey turned 5 this year, and he should be heading to kindergarten. He's not -- we're homeschooling and I want to share some of the reasons why (in case he's ever interested). Part of it stems from his preschool experience. What started as a great experience slowly deteriorated into a leg grabbing, hand squeezing, mom-stay-begging dropoff... and I can't go through that anymore. (Budget cuts means no bussing for us... we live too close to the school, even though there are no sidewalks).

That started me seriously researching homeschooling (although - let's face it. It had been in the back of my mind a lot longer than that. We're part of a homeschooling coop (for preschool -- they let me stay and bring all 3 boys), I had my father make a train table that turns into a chalk board and desk setup for the playroom YEARS ago ... the signs were all there that I was heading in that direction if I had just paid any attention to them. It feels right. I don't hate school, although I do think they push academics way too early these days - and the amount of homework a kindergartner gets is INSANE... (I am a public school success story - was never bullied, got good grades, never did drugs, etc.) I just don't think it's necessarily the best or only option for my family. And, as long as I can convince my husband and we can financially afford it, (and it works, obviously).. I would like to continue to do it.

Anyway, the research out there is all positive... (as long as you don't count the mess your house will become, the time it will take you, etc.) The pros outweigh the cons for me considerably.

This is our journey... and it begins now... or, as soon as I decide summer is over!

(My goal is to start blogging again now. It probably won't be about what we're doing until I figure that out... but I plan to use this blog to throw around ideas so that I can organize our homelife into a recognizable rhythm around independent activities, household chores, naps, etc...)